Monday, March 16, 2015

It's official... We're overscripted

Elanna urged me not to share our entire script a few posts ago, but seeing as she posted it on her blog, I'm disclosing it below. As evidenced by our first filming session on Friday (which I would share, except my partner's phone cannot send large files to my email), Elanna and I grossly underestimated the duration of our first scene.

Two minute opening:
Low angle shot of a girl’s bedroom with the door closed. We see a Alma open the door (alcohol in hand), walk in, and close the door as she tosses her backpack to the side, taking swigs from the bottle. MUSIC starts playing. She kicks off her shoes and walks into the bathroom, turning on the tub. She then goes to the medicine cabinet and pulls out several pill bottles, downing an indeterminable amount from each, using the alcohol to help them go down. By this time, the tub is full (#MovieMagic) and she steps into it, fully dressed. She closes her eyes, sinks til she’s almost under the water, and the screen fades to black. Over the black screen, we hear a casual news report about HAPPY EVENT.

The Grayson family is very grateful they were able to find Spot after a large group from the community got together to search for him on Friday. They will be offering free ice cream at their parlor, Berries and Cream, tomorrow, Sunday March 12, to everyone who helped out.

Cut to ELEANORA making eggs in the kitchen.

In other news, 17-year-old Alma Rodriguez committed suicide last night.

ELEANORA whips around, dropping the egg-y whisk on the ground. Report takes over the screen.

The Harrison High school junior was reportedly being bullied at school for being gay and died from drowning herself in her bathtub.

ELEANORA walks forward, grabbing the remote.

A memorial service for close family and friends will be held on Tuesday at 4 in the Rodriguez's home. The school has refused to comment, and our hearts and thoughts go out to the family during this troubling time.

ELEANORA shuts the TV off, then clutches the remote to her chest. Fade to black.
Open to ELEANORA at the door to RODRIGUEZ house. She knocks. SISTER opens door.

Hi, my name’s Eleanora. I, um, I went to school with --

This is for friends and family only. We don’t want anyone from school here.

RAINA starts to close door.

Wait, please,

RAINA stops.

I know, I understand. I just wanted to say that I thought Alma was really brave. She put up with a lot of shit just for being gay, and I always admired her. I’m bi, and I never really told anyone and she just… I dunno. It’s my last year, and I want to make sure that what happened to your sister never happens to anyone again. Or, y’know, at least try.

Listen, I really appreciate that, but now isn’t the time. I just can’t right now.

I understand. I’ll go. I just wanted you to know.

RAINA closes door. ELEANORA walks back to her car, closes the door, sighs, and turns the car on. Cut to TITLE SCREEN.

Just filming the first sequence - essentially Alma drowning herself in the bathtub - took a total of a minute and 40 seconds out of our two minute intro. Obviously, we need to reevaluate exactly what we are doing. Granted, that's before we truly refine the refine the editing of our scene, but it's still such a substantial chunk of time that I find it might be better to just include the suicide in the opener. 

I'm not too thrilled at the prospect, since that would mean scrapping all of the dialogue in our script, along with two other vital scenes, but it looks increasingly like that's what we are going to have to do. Since for the A-level component of the project we have two film two trailers, I think perhaps we could still film  the next two scenes in our script and rehash them for our trailers.

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