Tuesday, March 17, 2015

On a high note: Planning our music

As one can probably notice, right now our production suffers from a deficit of sound. Sure, there are a few smattering here and there: my footsteps, pills rattling in their canisters, the water running from the bath's faucet. But other than those scattered noises, we need something more substantial in order to compensate for our lack of dialogue: a musical score.

This was something Elanna and I have discussed for a while, but now with our film edited together, the matter needed to be resolved. From the onset, Maria Mena's "Internal Diaogue," Daughter's "Medicine," and "Down" by Jason Walker were some of Elanna's favorites.

As I let Elanna know, "Medicine" was my favorite. Besides the fact that its lyrics deal with trying to procure an unhealthy solution to problems, it's haunting melody and soft flourish are much more appropriate for this sensitive scene than the other two, which strike me as a little more explosive than "Medicine"'s more muted solemnity.

I was smitten with the prospect of "Funeral" by Band of Horses or "Trouble" by Cat Stevens, but Elanna and I reached the mutual agreement that "Funeral" had a tune that was tad too upbeat, and that "Trouble" was too "folk-sy" for our target audience.
So that settles it: "Medicine" by Daughter will be our background track. After a bit of sleuthing online, I discovered that Glassnote Records was the band's production company, and their FAQ page directed us to a Mr. Mark Nichols for licensing of music of our project. I wrote him an email - hopefully, he gives us the clear soon and we can proceed with our project.

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