Sunday, March 29, 2015

Attaining music right is not rockin', and it sure isn't rollin' either

Our project has essentially turned into the waiting game. With the filming and editing completed, we are now simply waiting to obtain the rights to Daughter's "Medicine." What I didn't imagine was how infuriating the process could be - I sent my request a full week ago and have yet to hear back from Glassnote Music, the production company, since our last correspondence. With the final product's deadline looming, Elanna and I are growing a little desperate for their response.
The last communication I received was from a Mr. Chad Brown, who asked that we fill out a Licensing Request Form.
After asking for personal details such as my phone number, address, and name, the Licensing Request Form entailed answering the following information:
Recording/Song: “Medicine”
Artist: Daughter
Name of Production: “Alma’s Angel”
Distributor/Production Co: N/A
Production Budget: $0
Music Budget: $0
Logline/Brief Synopsis: After hearing about the suicide death of an LGBT classmate, high school junior Eleanora Jones sparks a movement, Alma’s Angel, to combat homophobia in her school and beyond.
Detailed Scene Description: Low angle shot of ALMA’S BEDROOM with the door closed. We see ALMA open the door (alcohol in hand), walk in, and close the door as she tosses her backpack to the side, taking swigs from the bottle. MUSIC starts playing. She kicks off her shoes and walks into the bathroom, turning on the tub. She then goes to the medicine cabinet and pulls out several pill bottles, downing an indeterminable amount from each, using the alcohol to help them go down. By this time, the tub is full and she steps into it, fully dressed. She closes her eyes, sinks until she’s almost under the water, and the screen fades to black.
Please attach script pages, if possible. Two minute opening:
Director: Lisa Burgoa and Elanna Heda
Cast: Lisa Burgoa
Type of Use
[e.g. background vocal/instrumental, end title, etc.]: Background vocal/instrumental
Type of Media
[e.g. all media, film festival, television, DVD, online, etc.]: Two minute film opening for school project
If DVD, number of units:
If for advertising, what brand, product:
Are you monetizing online [e.g. YouTube Partnerships or Monetization]?: No
Duration of Use [in minutes/seconds]: Two minutes
Term [e.g. the length of time of the license]: 8 months to 1 year
Territory [e.g. worldwide, North America, US, etc.]: United States
For the most part, completing the licensing form was much easier than I imagined, though Elanna and I had reservations with the last two questions. We weren't completely sure how long our term would be, so we assumed eight months to a year would be within the realm of reason. We also hesitated before putting the United States as the territory, since we know that our final product would be most heavily scrutinized in the United Kingdom, but eventually we agreed that would be our safer bet.
So far, waiting for music licensing has taken more time than the filming and editing of our production combined. Tomorrow, March 31, was the deadline I imposed for their response - if Glassnote Music does not respond by tomorrow, it is time to adopt to reach out again, and maybe ask Daughter's European label, 4AD, for their permission instead.
If anything, this portion of the project has taught me to adopt me that creative projects, and probably professional ones, too, are bogged down by obstacles such as bureaucratic  roadblocks and paperwork. Now that the more fun component of our project is over with, we are forced to contend with the surprisingly complicated process of attaining rights  to music.

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