Friday, March 13, 2015

Idea, plot, script? Check, check, check.

At this point, the planning process of our project is on the verge of completion. We have the entire script drafted - after careful deliberation and quibbling over each scene, we finally have a clearer picture on what we are going to film.

Here are some pivotal scenes:

Above, our character Eleonora discovers the death via news station about the suicide death of a fellow LGBT student. We wanted to inject a degree of sorrow for the death and stray from an overly melodramatic, especially since we need to tread lightly in order to remain sensitive but still make a statement. Rather than explicitly have her cry or have an outpouring of emotion, this was a viable alternative to have her break down and cry - we figured her dropping an egg whisk showed the point without being overly heavy-handed.  

This was another vital part of our script, as it helps advance both the character of Eleonora and Reina (who is written as "SISTER" in the script). It adds a motivation and a drive to Eleonora - an element of compassion that endears her to the viewer and gives her a driving cause - and also helps capture the grief of a family reeling from an untimely death. Alma, the girl who kills herself, becomes palpable - she is not just a name tossed around, but a girl who touched the lives of members in her community.  

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