Friday, April 10, 2015

Back to square one: Scriptwriting Edition

AICE Media Project, take two. Now we are turning our attention to creating a marketing campaign, featuring two movie trailers, a website and a movie poster.

Over the course of the past week, Elanna has concentrated on creating a movie poster, I started our website, and we both completed the scripts for our two films. Since we don't have the luxury of filming an entire movie and extract parts of it, we constructed entire scenes just to have them for trailer.

We decided, in order to better pander to our target audience, to launch a two-pronged marketing strategy in order to receive the largest share of our 15-27 year old audience: one more focused on establishing an inspirational uplifting tone, and the other focusing more on dramatic aspects to cater to the dramatic audience.

Below are the two scripts we created:

Trailer 1:
Tone -- uplifting, inspirational, focused more on perseverance of M.C.

Black screen. As REPORTER voice is heard, the screen fades into an image of ELEANORA making eggs in the kitchen.

In other news, 17-year-old Alma Rodriguez committed suicide last night.

ELEANORA whips around, dropping the egg-y whisk on the ground. Report takes over the screen.

The Harrison High school junior was reportedly being bullied at school for being gay and died from drowning herself in her bathtub.

Oh my God.

Fade to black. Cut back in to see Eleanora, flyers in hand, walking from door to door, handing out flyers and giving speeches.

I thought Alma was really brave. She put up with a lot of shit just for being gay, and I always admired her. I’m bi, and I never really told anyone and she just… I dunno. It’s my last year, and I want to make sure that what happened to your sister never happens to anyone again.

Cut to ELEANORA’s face, pleading with RAINA.

Or, y’know, at least try.

I appreciate that, but now isn’t the time.

I understand. I’ll go. I just wanted you to know.

Fade to black. Cut to ELEANORA opening her door to RAINA, the two of them working on Photoshop, RAINA passing out flyers on campus. While this is happening, ELEANORA’s doing a voiceover.

There is no difference between us. Gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, demisexual, transgender, and all the rest: we’re all just people trying to make it in the world, trying to find our joy and our pleasures.There is no need to be cruel to each other. There is no need to belittle those who are different from us.
Life gives us enough troubles.

Cut to ELEANORA on a stage.

Why do we need to help it along the way? Sign the pledge, join Alma’s Angels, and together, we can make a difference in lives across the city, across the nation, and maybe even across the world.

Trailer 2:
Tone -- sad, focused more on struggles

Black screen.
Something happened. Something bad. And nothing will ever be the same.

Abridged version of suicide scene, interspersed by flashes of black, fading in and out, more somber music. Drinking alcohol, grabbing pills, sinking into bathtub. A drum beat per shot
In other news, 17-year-old Alma Rodriguez committed suicide last night (pause). The Harrison High school junior was reportedly being bullied at school for being gay and died from drowning herself in her bathtub.

Shot of grieving family, sitting at table covered in black. Shot of memorial made by students with pictures, teddy bears, flowers

Why are you doing this?

(tearfully) To make what happened to Alma never happens to anyone - gay, straight, whatever - ever again.

BULLY (screaming, with a laughing crowd around him)
You’re nothin’ but a bunch of FAGGOTS!

Nora riding bike, with fliers under her arm. Nora looks broodingly at mirror. Nora stares into her bath..

You can’t do it. It’s impossible - the people, the prejudices - they’re not going to change. You can’t possibly take on the world.

Large crowd of people flocking to table and signing up.

You can take on the world, or let it take you. But it should always be your choice. It only takes one person to make a difference.

We will be filming our trailers both today and tomorrow, so though I have the sneaking suspicion that we (once again) overscripted, I look forward to getting this part of the project in the bag and over with. 

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