Friday, April 17, 2015

Spinning an intricate web(site)

As Elanna spearheaded the editing and the creation of a poster, I've ventured into a territory I've never really explored before: web building.
So after much trial and error (God, SO MUCH error)  I finally constructed something I can say I'm somewhat proud of. Disclaimer: I know I said before that our website was going to be at, but for the life of me I could not figure out how to make an attractive website using Wordpress due to my complete utter lack of fluency in html, which is essentially a prerequisite to building a halfway decent Wordpress site. Instead, I opted for using Wix, which is far more user-friendly for the technologically impaired such as myself. Our finished product is available at
Using a single page scroll site, I built the site to follow a logical path that entices a prospective consumer the more he scrolls down.
Our first screen below the header is a theatrical poster featuring raving reviews of our production, and ultimately serve to pique a reader's attention to find out what the hype is about.

Next, we feature our trailers and a brief synopsis of our production. This provides the background information about the film, giving the reader a broader understanding of what themes the film will tackle and its general plot. Including the #BeTheChange hashtag in this portion of the site also provides a subliminal clue to the viewer about engaging with us on social media.

Next, an exclusive sneak peek will compound the interest of the viewer, especially since the scene is both ambiguous and carries a strange sense of foreboding. This is our film opening, and it equips the viewer with the necessary background to ensnare them into our production. 

I always loved character profiles that accompanied movies, because they provided a dimensionality beyond what was on screen. Our "Meet the Characters" component does just that: provides the background and motivations for our characters, and helping viewers develop a greater idea of their complexity (thereby increasing their interest).
And, finally, a uniquely critical component: the call to action. Part of our branding is that there will be a real-life Alma's Angel movement alongside the fictional one portrayed in our film. This will not only mobilize viewers to advance our cause, but will provide a method of engagement and positive publicity as viewers sign our petition.
And finally, an increasingly crucial part of our website will be the social media engagements, including the following sites available on both web and mobile platforms:
and Twitter.
Our website provides not only a web presence and convergence of our product, but also a platform to engage and interact with our audience.

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